Equipment Hire

Coviello Music Productions owns an array of high-end audio equipment including interfaces, microphones, outboard units and accessories that can be hired out on a case-by-case basis.

Current Price List

Outboard Equipment

RME Fireface UFX                                     £23/day
RME Octamic II (MADI Compatible)          £11/day
Bricasti M7 II Reverb                                 £35/day

Analog Microphones (price for stereo pairs)

Schoeps MK2                                            £14/day
Schoeps MK21, MK4                                 £24/day
Sennheiser MKH800                                  £45/day
MKH8020, 8040, 8050 8090                      £20/day
     all with active tripods
DPA4006                                                    £15/day
Neumann KM184                                       £9/day

Digital Microphones (price for stereo pairs)

Neumann KMD133, 134                            £25/day
Neumann KMD184                                    £15/day
Sennhesier MZD8020, 8040, 8050, 8090  £25/day
     all with active tripods


Computer with Magix Sequoia 13            £50/day

Nearfield Speakers

Neumann K120A (pair)                               £9/day
            stands available


3 meter orchestra mic stands (pair)           £3/day
K&M microphone stands, XLR cables, and other accessories available upon request.