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Our Services

We specialise in high-end audio-video production in classical and contemporary classical music. We use a portable rig built around RME preamps and converters, recording directly into Magix’s industry-leading Sequoia Software with high-end microphones such as DPA4006s, Neumann KM184s, and Sennhesier MKH800 Twins; and outboard equipment such as a Bricasti M7 II Reverb.

Commercial Recordings

We produce for a number of labels, and are directly affiliated with the German label Coviello Classics. Our commercial recordings are available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes, and are distributed in the UK by Proper Music

And That One Too

The debut album from Sandbox Percussion
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Songs of Insurrection

Solo pianist Thomas Kotcheff
recorded at the Colborn School (LA)
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Schubert's Piano Trios

Recorded with Trio Rafale
at the Fazioli Factory in Italy.
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High End Audio Recording

We specialise in high-end multitrack recordings of Classical, Contemporary Classical and Jazz Music.  Our engineers are experts in both stereo and surround recording techniques, and our projects include solo artists and orchestras, live concerts and opera DVDs. 

Live Sound and Reinforcement

Our Engineers are highly experienced in classical sound reinforcement and live electronics.  We recently worked at the Aldeburgh Music Festival with pianist Pierre-Laurent Aimard, and our team has provided the live-sound and archival recordings at Darmstadt for more than decade.  Our engineers have provided live sound at both open air and venue performances of orchestras and opera across the continent.

Post Production

Outside of our bespoke productions, we provide freelance editing, mixing and mastering services for numerous labels, and we have a particular speciality in providing surround-sound and SACD mastering.

Meet the team

We have an excellent team of dedicated producers, arrangers, editors and designers ready to work with you

Moritz Bergfeld

Moritz Bergfeld studied Recording Production in Detmold and Paris. He is co-founder of MBM Musikproduktion in Germany – a company that specializes in high-end-production and postproduction of classical and contemporary music since 15 years. He has produced over 200 albums with partners worldwide and especially for his own label Coviello Classics. 

Two of his recent productions were awarded an Echo-Klassik, the most important CD-prize in Germany. Moritz works regularly for all major public radio stations in Germany and has extensive experience in surround sound recordings and SACD production, theatre sound design, sound installation and sound reinforcement. 

Olaf Mielke

Olaf Mielke also studied Recording Production in Detmold, and is the co-founder of MBM Musikproduktion and the Coviello Classics label in Germany. Olaf has personally been involved in an equal number of recordings and productions, and has further specialisation in technical design (including the design of recording spaces and trucks) and the management of complex audio and audio/video projects – such as festivals and opera productions.

Aaron Holloway-Nahum

Aaron Holloway-Nahum is a multi-faceted composer, conductor and recording engineer in the classical and contemporary classical world. He has worked in these various capacities with ensembles such as the BBC Symphony Orchestra, London Symphony Orchestra, London Sinfonietta and Britten Sinfonia. Aaron is the co-founder and Artistic Director of The Riot Ensemble, in the United Kingdom, through which he has conducted more than 50 World and UK Premieres. 

As an editing and recording engineer, Aaron has recently worked with ensembles such as the Arditti Quartet, Ensemble Recherché, the Salzburg Chamber Soloists, soloist Claudia Maria Racovicean and the Atea Wind Quintet.  


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